Tank Installation & Soil Testing

AST Removal / Installation

Our above ground storage tank (AST) installation and removal services can accommodate a variety of locations such as alongside an exterior wall, underneath a porch, or in the basement of a home. All installed tanks are Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and MDE approved. Foundational concrete lintels or a concrete slab is installed for new AST installations. Manufacturer warranties are available for standard ASTs that are installed. Tank contents, product piping, removed tanks, and service debris are disposed of at approved disposal facilities.

Heating Oil Furnace Tune-Ups

We provide home heating oil system tune-ups that include a full inspection to ensure the system is working properly. We promote regular reviews of the heating system to detect any leakage as early as possible to avoid expensive remediation costs.

Soil / Water Sampling & UST Testing

Soil, groundwater, and drinking water samples are collected for laboratory analysis in conjunction with our environmental remediation service to assure the environment quality is in compliance with MDE. Expedited analysis is available at an additional cost for projects that have a limited time frame for completion. We also provide soil-boring testing for real estate transactions involving an existing underground storage tank system. Soils are sampled beside the bottom of the UST and field screened for contamination. Results are immediate and an investigation report is provided the following business day.